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Septic Installation & Repair

Lambert Excavating has professional installers and equipment to handle all of your septic system needs.  We take pride in our quality of work and leave the job site 100% clean.  

Septic System Services:

  • Low Pressure Pump System

  • Gravity Feed System

  • Holding Tanks

  • Drywells

  • Drain Fields

  • Mound System

  • Grease Traps

  • Install Tank Risers

  • Complete Septic System Repair

Land Clearing & Stump Removal.

Your property may need to be cleared of trees before you begin to build your dream home.  We keep the site clean, leaving nothing less than a good impression and meeting your standards.  Carefully disposing of only the trees you need cleared.


Do you have an old building or barn that needs to be torn down?  We are able to quickly and safely demolish and dispose of your project that needs to be torn down.  We make sure the work site is 100% clean when we are done.  

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Grading & Leveling

Are you looking to build a new house, add a garage/shed or update your driveway?  We will take the time to assess your project and learn all the aspects involved in the job.  We strive to ensure appropriate soil makeup, proper soil compaction, precision drainage slopes and exact building pad dimensions.  


  • Basements

  • Driveways

  • Shed slabs

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